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TouchPal Lite is a newer, lighter version of the already excellent app: TouchPal Emoji Keyboard. Now you can enjoy a very similar typing experience — at less than 20MB. That’s half the size of the original version which took up almost 40MB.

Even though TouchPal Lite’s customization options are not the most important feature this app has to offer, they’re still likely to be the first ones to catch your eye. Now users can add any of the default themes that come with this app, or opt to download any of the hundreds of themes that are available from within the in-app store provided for buying new themes. You could also alternately opt to download and apply loads of other fonts and customization features that are also available. All this in seconds flat.

Customization features aside, TouchPal Lite has a ton of new tabs for your keyboard, each with its own distinct ‘keys’. Access your standard keyboard from the first tab, and open up the others to discover the emoji, emoticons and text editing options that await you.

TouchPal Lite is a very good keyboard app. It’s chocked full of customization options and lets you use more emoji than you could ever imagine even existed from a single, simplified interface.

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