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Top War: Battle Game is a strategy game where you dig deep into the depths of a large island to build a top secret military base. In order to do so, you’re going to need to enlist the aid of all your troops to increase protection from enemy offensive attacks.

The way to play Top War: Battle Game is very simple. It’s based entirely on swiping in order to drag each item over the right square on the map. Essentially it all comes down to investing all the rewards you harvest to increase the level of each construction, as well as your strategic placements. Similarly, it is very important to level up your troops so they are sufficiently equipped to strike fast once battle has begun.

When it comes to fighting, it’s up to you to combine soldiers appropriately build more powerful ones. This is achieved by dragging each character over another of the same type to form a troop. Prepare your soldiers to obliterate enemy offensive campaigns by following the same process to combine formations. You’ll wind up building a territory that is more and more extensive and increasingly taxing for rivalling outposts to overcome.

Top War: Battle Game is equal parts strategy and action. It’s a game where it’s non-stop swiping to intelligently link up elements on the board (within a charming island setting) is the endgame. No doubt, we’re looking at a super fun title, full of intricate details to enjoy creating a solid strategy laying down the groundwork for your troops to overcome each enemy incursion.



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