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Tok Doc-Mask is the perfect app for the prevention and treatment of Coronavirus in Korea. This disease has already caused a great impact in this Asian country. As a result, the government has decided to take specific measures to halt the spread. This Eastern Asian territory is a true example for countries such as Italy or Spain as far as patient management goes.

Tok Doc-Mask is a simple app that helps you find the nearest hospital to you. This feature is essential because based on your symptoms, you can estimate your chances of being infected with COVID-19.

Another great feature of Tok Doc-Mask is that you can validate prescriptions using a QR code. Therefore, the process is much faster and patients can control the disease without risking the health of others.

Tok Doc-Mask includes a geolocation system that can also help the Korean healthcare system to identify the places where the highest levels of infected individuals reside. Basically, this is an exemplary patient management tool.


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