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Tinker Island is a survival adventure game where you help a group of castaways make it on a desert island. To do so you need to explore the island, gather food and other resources, build items, recruit new characters, and much more.

Doing things in Tinker Island is easy: just drag a character toward the action you want him or her to do. If you want a character to explore a region, for example, just drag him or her to that region. If you’d rather the character gather food, just drag it to the nearest food source. Simple.

Sometimes your characters have to face difficult situations. When this happens, the events play out as in a conversational adventure. Basically, you read a description of what’s going on and then have to choose one of the possible options. Some of your decisions might be beneficial to the castaways … but others might well do them harm.

Tinker Island is a very entertaining survival game with a simple gameplay and charming pixelated graphics. As you play, you can unlock all kinds of characters and make them join your group.



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