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Description is a very practical app that lets you keep track of all the tasks you have to do. Thanks to this app, you’ll never forget about another plan or commitment.

The way works is simple. It gives you three main sections: who, what and when. In each section, you have a bunch of colored cards to choose from, and it just takes a tap in each category to record your plan. To add any pending task, all you have to do is tap the respective boxes until you find the topic that best fits your plan. offers tons of colored cards so make sure you don’t leave a single plan left undone. Once you tap a specific card, you have the possibility to add the time and more specific data to have the app sends you a reminder with all the details.

If you don’t want to forget a single thing you have to do, is a really useful app that can help you turn your Android device into an agenda. Note down your plans intuitively and complete all your daily tasks using the who, what, and when strategy.

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