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The Greedy Cave is a roguelike game in which you control an intrepid adventurer who goes deep into dangerous dungeons. Your objective is to find as many hidden treasures as you can, and kill a few monsters on your way.

As is usual in the genre, in The Greedy Cave you move your character by turns, square by square, throughout the dungeon. That said, in contrast to other roguelike games, in The Greedy Cave enemies don’t move on their own, they stay still in their place. To fight them, you just have to move to their location.

One particular feature in The Greedy Cave is that all the treasures that you find inside the dungeon disappear once you go out to the surface and into the village. The only exception are golden items, which stay with you for ever. You also keep the experience you gain, of course, as well as the abilities you learn.

The Greedy Cave is an excellent roguelike game that introduces some pretty original features. The graphics are heavily inspired by Don’t Starve, which isn’t bad, obviously. It’s a relatively simple game for roguelike standards, and it’s really fun.

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