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The Burgle Cats is a new game by the developer Ponos Corporation that once again brings you these cute fighter cats. However, in this game, your mission is to focus on stealing treasures from different castles and mansions. The Burgle Cats keeps its fun comic essence with this army of different kinds of cats, but here, your mission is to sneak into different mansions and castles and try to seize all the treasures you can before the cops catch you.

The gameplay in The Burgle Cats is as follows: players have to design a group of five cat-burglars. Each cat will have a specific skill that you can improve as you go about gathering loot. Then, you will have to sneak the cats in through one of the castle windows and help them advance as far as you can without being caught by the police dogs. If you are caught, at least you will have cleared the way for your second cat-burglar because you will know which castle halls to avoid.

Between levels, The Burgle Cats players can unlock loads of new cats with the XP they get. And these new cats are definitely needed because the first few cats will just have a very basic skill set, and some of the special cats can work true wonders to get the treasure.

The Burgle Cats is a strategy game with a very easy gameplay and simple but charming graphics. What’s more, the game has loads of levels for a single player, leaderboards and a good amount of achievements.

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