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The Big Capitalist 3 is the third installment in this clicker saga where your main aim is to turn a businessman into a magnate. To do that you’ve got to tap the different businesses to improve the conditions in each industry and boost your benefits.

The Big Capitalist 3 has a gameplay and graphics based on the two previous installments. Thus you’ve got to go about tapping each button with the aim of keeping production going nonstop in all your industries. Up top on the screen you can see at a glance how much profit you’re earning.

If you don’t want to have to be tapping things all the time, you’ve got an option to hire different managers who can automate your processes so you can focus on other tasks that help build up your empire.

The Big Capitalist 3 is a tool to put to the test your capacity to build a business empire out of nothing. Plus you do it using quite a simple gameplay that should prove quite entertaining.


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