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Texpand is an app to create text shortcuts for your Android. This way, whenever you type a specific word, the app will automatically substitute it for the phrase you set beforehand. For example, you can set it so that typing ‘h1’ automatically enters ‘Hi, how are you doing?’

In this free version of Texpand, you can create up to 10 different keyboard shortcuts. From the main tab you can view all your shortcuts along with the number of times you’ve actually used them so you can quickly see which are your most useful ones.

In the setup options, you can choose if you want the change to be produced automatically or if you prefer to activate it manually. You can also create dynamic values, meaning you can insert dates (in various different formats) easily.

Texpand is a very useful app for anyone who writes a lot on Android. In fact, it’s especially useful for responding to emails or noting down certain repetitive things.

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