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If you like tennis and you want to prove your racket skills in some of the most impressive tournaments, Tennis Arena is the perfect game for experiencing the thrill of Tie Break Tens mode, where there are no sets or games, just tie breaker points. Experience a unique tennis adventure and defeat your opponents in ten-minute-long games while improving your technique and traveling the world.

At the start of your new sporting story, you’ll meet your trainer who will teach you the first steps and the newest techniques for returning a serve, serving an ace, accurately returning the ball and always being in the right place to receive the point. To improve your skills and before beginning your adventure, you can visit your trainer as many times as you want until you feel confident.

To hit the ball, you just need to swipe from one side of the screen to the other to choose the exact place you want to send it. You may not have time to react, so try to improve your speed to get the ball exactly where you want it to go without having to repeat the move.

Develop a unique gaming style and enjoy these super exciting games, where the first person to reach ten points wins. Play with good 3D graphics, improve your performance and go up against players from around the world while your trainer improves your skills in this close competition. Move up in the most competitive international league rankings and prove your mastery of the racket Tennis Arena.


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