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If you do a thousand things a day and don’t know where to start, Taskito is a great app to keep on hand. With this app, you can manage your time much more gracefully thanks to its daily reminders for pending tasks on a calendar-based system.

The way Taskito works is very simple, as is its interface. All the same, it offers plenty of options. Basically, it displays your tasks and helps you set realistic goals. While the main focus is on daily lists, you can also use it to plan future projects.

Another feature is the ability to color-code tasks, making it easier to identify the most important ones at a glance. You can also add reminders to make sure you don’t forget anything. Likewise, you can import your calendar whenever you want, planning realistically and efficiently around your schedule. You can also divide your agenda into even smaller segments by creating checklists.

In short, thanks to Taskito, you can use your time much more wisely. This is an excellent app designed to help you plan your day according to urgency, preference, and need.


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