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Tap Tap Dash is a frantic arcade game where you have to try to get as far as possible through a series of very narrow mazes. If you can’t keep the pace, you’ll fall into the void.

The gameplay is very simple, in theory: you just have to tap the screen each time you see a green sign on the ground. These green signs indicate a jump or a turn, so if you don’t tap the screen at the right time, you fall into the void.

The main difficulty is that your character moves at a considerable speed, and sometimes the green dots are really close to each other. If you are having trouble with a level, though, you can always ask the snails for help. They make everything slow down, making the game way easier.

Tap Tap Dash is a simple and fun arcade game. It has a lot of variety, since each level changes the color of the map, and you can use a different animal each time you fall (there are birds, cats, pigs, etc.).



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