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Tame It! is a graphic adventure for adults with erotic content in which you control a young man who ends up lost on an island. The game begins with a boy in an airplane piloted by an attractive blonde woman. Soon, the situation escalates, and in the middle of an erotic explosion between the two, the plane they are riding in crashes.

The boy manages to parachute out of the plane in time, but the girl does not. You will have to subsist on the island without knowing whether she has survived. To do this, objects such as coconuts, tree leaves, water, bananas, etc., must be collected.

You will soon discover that you are not alone on the island, but that there are some strange creatures in human form that, although they will scare you at first, you will realize that you can tame and conquer.

The gameplay is very simple since you only have to touch the screen to collect objects, interact with other characters or move between spaces on the island. In addition, the language used is international since the dialogues are based on emojis.

So, if you are looking for an adult game with a survival story and setting, you can download the APK of Tame It!.

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