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Talking Tom Hero Dash is an endless runner where you play the famous Tom, Angela, and friends to collect the greatest possible number of coins. All while you maneuver around the huge number of obstacles that appear in every level.

The controls in Talking Tom Hero Dash are the usual for games like this. Just tap the screen on the left or right to move in the desired direction. If you want to jump or crouch just trace the movement with your finger. You can even do surprising pirouettes in the air.

In Talking Tom Hero Dash it’s super important to anticipate all the obstacles that appear in your path. You even have to face gangs of raccoons that try to slow down your progress at all costs. There are boss raccoons you’ve got to topple if you want to rebuild an ever more desolate world.

With the rewards you get you can unlock new suits and characters to increase the fun in every game. Or perhaps you’d rather invest your coins in repairing the buildings that have been laid waste by raccoons. Talking Tom Hero Dash also has special events where you can try new game modes and make every race more dynamic.



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