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Talking Dog Bella is a virtual pet app along the lines of Talking Tom Cat and others, where you can look after Bella, a sweet little talking dog, and have fun together. You can play with her, talk to her, listen to her repeat what you say, and more. In short, you can have fun with your new pet at any time.

You can carry out lots of different activities in Talking Dog Bella. If Bella is tired, you can put her to bed and let her sleep a while; if she got mucky from the garden, you can give her a good bath; if she’s hungry, you can feed her all kinds of food. You can even play musical instruments or listen to her say loads of different phrases. There are dozens of additional interactive activities.

In addition to all these activities, Talking Dog Bella also has a good handful of minigames to play and get different rewards. With these rewards, you can customize Bella’s house and even buy her clothes and accessories. What’s more, as Bella is an amazing gardener, you can help her look after her vegetable patch. Best of all, you can sell all the vegetables you grow in the garden to get some more coins.

Talking Dog Bella is an app aimed especially at little children that is pretty fun, thanks to the huge variety of situations you can find. Never has a virtual pet been so fun!

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