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Tahu Bulat is a casual game that transports you to a busy city neighborhood where you’ll run your own stand on the side of the road. From this tiny food stand, you’ll have to sell all sorts of products to the people walking by on the street.

Just like any typical clicker, in Tahu Bulat, you’ll find an intuitive gameplay that revolves around tapping the buttons found at the bottom of the screen. Here, you’ll have to show that you’re capable of selling the most products possible, while you collect rewards given to you by customers.

With the coins you earn, you can level up your food stand to offer more and more services as you go. Plus, you’ll constantly find new elements to sell as you watch the customers line up to buy your products.

Tahu Bulat is a surprisingly entertaining clicker that lets you put your skills to the test as you manage a budding business on a bustling city street. You’ll need to fulfill the needs of every customer in order to make sure your business becomes a success. At the same time, you’ll increase profits that will allow you to invest resources in new projects.


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