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Taekwondo Game is, as it’s name states, a taekwondo videogame where you’ll have to control a taekwondo fighter and measure up against other opponents controlled by AI or against friends on a local network.

The combat system for Taekwondo is fairly intuitive and quite representative of what this athletic discipline really is. Players move from left to right on the screen to block and to attack opponents using five different types of hits. The most important thing is always keeping your resistance bar under control. Especially considering that if you attack or defend too much, your character will get weak and tired and you’ll become an easy target for enemy attack.

In Taekwondo Game, you’ll only have to control two different characters: a red lady fighter, and a male blue fighter. But if you want to you’ll be able to compete in four totally different, visually pleasing scenes that you’ll be able to unblock while winning fights.

Taekwondo Game is a stunning action game that despite lacking a wider variety of characters, does benefit from having a refined combat system. These features, along with it’s nostalgic visuals that are sure to remind you of Street Fighter IV, guarantee you’ll have a good time.

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