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Sync for reddit is an app to navigate the popular site reddit. Some of the app’s interesting features include a secure login and options to leave comments, send private messages, and access profiles.

The first things about Sync for reddit to grab the attention, however, are not all these features that make the app very convenient for regular redditors. In fact it’s the beautiful interface, where you can easily view all the most popular posts of that moment.

On the drop-down menu on the left you can quickly filter the most popular subreddits, so if you’re interested in only looking at posts about video games, or food, or animals, you just have to click the corresponding subreddit.

Another interesting feature in Sync for reddit is its night mode. Thanks to this feature, whenever you’re looking at reddit at night in bed the app will adjust itself, making it much easier to read.

Sync for reddit is an excellent unofficial client for Reddit and undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy the site on your Android.


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