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Sword Man – Monster Hunter is a platform game where you take on the form of a tiny ninja. You’ll have to help him survive while crossing level after level of increasingly dangerous platforms. Simultaneously you’ll need to eliminate any rivals and obstacles that pop up by using the weapons you have at hand.

Gameplay in Sword Man – Monster Hunter is simple. All you have to do is move forward with your character while hitting any enemies that pass by. As you level up, you’ll unlock new attacks that depend on the type of opponent or obstacle that you have to destroy.

Controls are very simple and all you have to do is click on any of the different arrows in order to move forward and jump. On the other hand, each attack is displayed on screen with a colored circle. Depending on the weapon you want to use, you’ll need to tap on a certain circle.

Sword Man – Monster Hunter is an entertaining game that’ll provide you with hours of fun as you beat each level without leaving a single rival standing. Sharpen your katana and show the world who’s the best ninja.


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