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Run your own toy and dessert store in the fun children’s game Sweet Cake Shop. Check it out and help all the customers who enter your store.

Sweet Cake Shop has simple gameplay. First, clock in at your starting time, then do the dishes, organize, and fix the broken toys to tidy up the store. After that, open the store and watch as customers gradually arrive. Once a customer arrives, what they want to buy, which could be a toy, cake, or clothing, will appear above their heads. Tap on that icon to go to the store section with the item they wish to buy. If you enter the kitchen, you’ll then follow the steps on the screen to bake a cake. First, collect all your ingredients. Then, mix the flour with the eggs, beat the mixture, bake the batter, and finally, decorate the cake. Along the way, the items you need will appear on the screen, and you’ll have to mix them in the right order.

Once it’s time to decorate the cake, you can use strawberries, chocolate, fruit, cream, candies… Everything you need to make the cake just as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the palette. When everything is ready, deliver the order and earn some money and experience, which you can later use to buy new products. Although the main attraction of your store is the bakery, you’ll also have to attend to customers in other sections of the store.

Sweet Cake Shop is an entertaining and content-packed game. Check it out and have loads of fun baking cakes and selling items.

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