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SuperUser is an application that lets you manage the root privileges on your Android device. As such, to use the application, you’ll need a rooted device. If not, the application won’t work, and you won’t be able to do anything with it.

The main feature on SuperUser is the ability to grant or deny root privileges for the applications that ask for them. SuperUser can ask you if you want to allow privileges every time that you use another application, or you can grant them automatically to whatever applications require them.

Another interesting feature that’s included in this version of SuperUser is the ability to uninstall factory applications that come installed by default on your device. Generally these apps, which are considered ‘bloatware,’ don’t add much and also can’t be deleted. And that’s where SuperUser comes in, letting you eliminate them in a single stroke.

SuperUser is a must-have application for users with rooted Android devices, thanks to which you can easily manage all the privileges on your device.

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