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Super Bino Go is a fun game that’s very similar to classic Nintendo game Super Mario. In this game, your mission is to help a friendly character wearing a hat rescue a princess trapped in a castle! To reach the princess, help Bino move across platforms while collecting all the coins you can.

This game’s controls are super easy to use: just tap on the arrows to move help Bino through each level, and tap on the buttons on the right side of the screen to jump on and squash all the enemies that cross your path. Use these intuitive controls to beat each one of Super Bino Go’s 140 levels, which are spread across seven islands.

But there’s a twist: you only have 400 seconds to complete each level. So don’t let anything distract you, as you’ll need laser focus to get all the coins and dodge or kill all the enemies! On top of that, there are special drinks hidden throughout the levels that give Bino helpful superpowers.

Try Super Bino Go and have loads of fun helping Bino overcome obstacles, collect coins, win points, reach the final level, and save the princess!


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