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Transform a ruined city into a bustling metropolis in the clicker game Sunless City. Add colorful buildings and lights to create a beautiful nocturnal city!

Sunless City’s gameplay is pretty typical for an idle game. Tap the screen to make shooting stars fall from the sky and earn energy, which you can use to slowly rebuild the city, which in turn makes it possible to earn more energy. Keep earning energy to be able to tear down old buildings, unlock new ones, and even discover new technology.

Although Sunless City is a clicker game, it has some strategy gameplay. For example, players unlock and place the buildings on the map manually, and can build the city however they want, but it’s best to take into account how the various buildings interact when designing the city.

Overall, Sunless City is an interesting clicker with outstanding graphics and, because there’s more gameplay than just tapping the screen, a deeper game experience than most clickers.



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