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Style Studio is the perfect complement for anyone who enjoys the social karaoke platform Smule. With Style Studio, you can give your videos a unique touch with dozens of image and sound effects that all your followers will adore.

When you open Style Studio, there’s a test video where you can play with all the effects on the app. Of course, ultimately, the point is to use these effects on your own videos. Style Studio is the perfect tool for creating sound and video effects for music videos recorded with Smule, so all its effects are perfectly compatible with that app.

Using Style Studio is super simple. With it, you can modify sound and image or even add voice effects. Just tap on the type of change you want to make (sound, video, image, or color-editing) on the editing grid. Each category contains dozens of effects you can apply until your video is pitch-perfect. What’s more, every effect you add is linked to a specific time, so you can add different effects at different points in the video.

Style Studio is an excellent app for Smule users who are looking to add a little something extra to their karaoke videos.

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