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Stupidella 2 is the second installment of this new Stupidella puzzle saga. As usual in this kind of puzzle game, the goal is to help Stupidella escape from different situations. However, keep in mind that normal logic won’t get you anywhere in these puzzles; you’ll have to use your troll brain.

Stupidella 2 has dozens of levels that you’ll be able to solve in a few minutes. Most of the time, you’ll just have to tap the screen a couple of times to complete the level. However, this won’t always be so easy because, as we said, normal logic won’t work with these puzzles, and it will take a lot of trial and error to find the key. Luckily, you can also get some help from some of the in-game clues.

To give an example: in one level, you’ll see Stupidella in a grocery store disguised as a kangaroo. She’s determined to steal something, but there is a security guard who is going to catch and detain her. But, if you tap on the kangaroo pouch, Stupidella will start taking things out of it, distracting the guard.

If you’re looking for a good time solving riddles and absurd situations, download the Stupidella 2 APK and test your troll mind.

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