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Stray Cat Doors 2 is the sequel to Stray Cat Doors. In this new version, you have to find a way to use the objects in each scenario to access certain doors, all rendered with beautiful and delightful graphics that carry on the original game’s legacy.

Stray Cat Doors 2’s soundtrack and graphics are excellent, making the time you spend solving each puzzle even more enjoyable. In every scenario, you play as a girl who’s trying to open the doors before her. To move, just slide your finger across the screen and tap the buttons with pawprints to collect items.

On the top of the interface, you can place the objects you find in a container that serves as a kind of inventory. From there, you can select the objects you want to use to try to open chests and locks.

Stray Cat Doors 2 includes tons of challenges where you try to escape from each scenario by finding and using the objects scattered around. You’ll also run into cats and other animals that make advancing through this game even more fun.

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