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Storypick is a thrilling text adventure that adapts Netflix or Channel A TV program concepts like Kingdom or Heart Signal into a video game format, making it a fun, addictive and exciting proposal.

When you start a game in Storypick, you will enjoy an adaptation of the program Heart Signal, a South Korean reality TV show aired on Channel A where a group of good-looking have to live together in a mansion and, in the best cases, follow their hearts. So, you will start by creating your character, giving them a name and physical features that you can gradually change as you earn points. Shortly after starting to play, you will meet one of the contestants, a young handsome guy who is also heading to the mansion. Together, you will meet the other contestants who each have their own personality, likes and things.

Of course, like any good text adventure, you can decide how you want to respond in each situation. Similarly, you can decide which characters you want to connect to more, where to deepen your friendship, and who to try something more with. As you progress, you will unlock new episodes and even new TV shows adapted to video games.

Storypick is an excellent idea for passing the time playing a part in this reality TV show as you make decisions, meet pretty people and have fun.


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