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STORE for MCPE is an app filled with tons of goodies for you to add to the most popular sandbox game out there, Minecraft Pocket Edition. With its simple interface, you can easily use its search feature to find anything you want to add to your game.

The goodies offered in STORE for MCPE include maps, scripts, blocks, characters, and new textures, so you can make the most of every game you play, exploring each Minecraft scenario and altering it to your heart’s desire.

The various resources in STORE for MCPE are uploaded to the platform by other users, so the content and elements you have stored on your Minecraft account won’t be affected or deleted as you add new elements.

STORE for MCPE is a life-changing app for anyone who loves playing games of Minecraft Pocket Edition. There’s a practically limitless number of options waiting to be discovered, so you’ll always have new goodies to add to your profile.


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