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See if you can help a stickman escape prison in the platformer Stick Prison. This game has loads of levels, and you’ll have to use levers, boxes, and anything else you find along the way to beat each one.

As you explore levels in Stick Prison, collect coins to earn even more points. To move your stick prisoner, just tap on the arrows, and tap on the button to jump. With those easy-to-use controls, you’ll have to figure out how to activate switches and keep moving through the prison.

As you beat the challenges, Stick Prison becomes more and more difficult. Along the way, make sure to keep an eye on the information at the top of the screen, especially the status bar. The bar shows your character’s health, so you don’t kill him by hitting an obstacle.

Check out Stick Prison and see if you can help this convict escape prison. Avoid all the traps, collect coins, and try to reach the door to the outside world.

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