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Stereo is an app you can use to listen to live podcasts or create your own in the simplest way possible: all you need is a smartphone and something to talk about. With this app you can participate in live conversations about any number of topics where you could be one of the hosts.

Getting started with Stereo is as easy as choosing a username, customizing your avatar and choosing your preferred podcast language. After that, you enter into the app where you can listen instantly. You can stick around or swipe to the sides to discover even more live content.

You can join live podcasts in various ways: supporting the program to show your approval, sending voice notes to the hosts so they can listen to them live, or requesting a slot on the show when one of the two hosts decides to leave.

Creating your own show is also incredibly simple since you just have to press the button in top right corner to start your program. From there, you will connect to someone else where you can chat live about anything you like, although some categories are more suited to Stereo than others, such as: music, movies, comedy, science, fitness, etc.

Stereo is a fantastic podcasting app where you can follow your favorite content creators in a unique way, through live conversations. Best of all, you’re not just a listener, you can be a participant in their chats or create your own show.


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