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Stellaris: Galaxy Command is the first spin-off of the brilliant strategy game Stallaris. In this case, you get a completely new experience that’s adapted to mobile devices. That said, it still manages to preserve many of the aspects that made the original game a huge success on PC and consoles.

Naturally, the gameplay in Stellaris: Galaxy Command is relatively complex. While the learning curve is much smoother than in the original Stellaris, the game requires a minimum level of attention and will put your strategic thinking skills to the test. You’ll have to manage systems involving economics, politics, society, commerce, ethics, etc. Ultimately, you have to lead an empire.

One of the key aspects of Stellaris: Galaxy Command is the collaboration with other empires. You have to build alliances with other players, creating trade deals or open border policies. Likewise, you can invade other players’ territories, start a cold war using all sorts of subterfuges, or simply deploy your entire armored fleet against your enemy’s capital.

Stellaris: Galaxy Command is a multiplayer open-world strategy game that gives you total freedom to lead your intergalactic empire. The game also conserves the same visual style from the original Stellaris, and you’ll even recognize some of the legendary characters.



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