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Stealth Master is a game of skill where you play as an assassin whose only objective is to kill the security guards protecting every building in the area. The rooftops are filled with guards who attack anything and everything they see. How far can you get in this adventure set atop skyscrapers?

To kill the guards, you have to sneak up behind them, but it won’t be easy. The guards can see far and wide, so you’ll have to avoid being seen at all costs. Every time a guard turns, do everything you can to stay out of his field of vision, otherwise he’ll start shooting at you, and the game will end.

If you want to survive as long as possible, make sure to take advantage of the boxes and hiding places you’ll find scattered around the level. Sneak from one side to the other in silence while avoiding the guards. Once you’re behind a guard, your character will attack automatically, eliminating the guard from the game with a swift move of his sword.

On the top of the screen, you can see how many guards are left. Clear off the rooftops with your stealth, and try to get as far as you can in this adventure, earning money and assassinating guards along the way. Sneak into the safest buildings in the world and amass a small fortune with your world-class stealth and aim.


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