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Star Conflict Heroes is an RPG with real-time battles where you control a small fleet of spaceships. Your aim here is to explore the vast universe rife with dangers while facing enemy spaceships.

The gameplay is really simple. Your spaceships align on one side of the screen and the enemy ships on the other. All the spaceships attack automatically, but your job is to choose how and when to launch special attacks. The idea is to aim your more powerful weapons at the enemy you deem most dangerous.

One of the most important things about Star Conflict Heroes is your fleet’s maintenance. Between battles you’ve got to upgrade your spaceships and raise their level, plus buy new ships as needed.

Star Conflict Heroes is an RPG focused mainly on combats and offering a super-entertaining gaming experience. Besides the story mode, which is the main one, you can also enjoy a PvP mode that lets you measure your fleet against those of other players.


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