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Squad Alpha is an addicting top-down arcade game whose mechanics are directly inspired by those popularized by great games like Archero, Zombero: Archero o Lunch Hero. Putting yourself in the shoes of a special agent with a licence to kill, your goal in Squad Alpha is to start shootouts in levels full of enemies, throughout an interminable series of levels.

The mechanics in Squad Alpha are really simple: moving your hero throughout the level is as easy as dragging your finger over the screen in the desired direction. Each time you want to open fire you have to be static at some point on the map, a mechanic that adds a very interesting layer of strategy by forcing players to plan their attacks depending on the type of enemy.

Each mission you manage to pass successfully will reward you with coins and upgrade materials that will help you to both unlock new weapons and improve the attributes of the ones you already have in your arsenal.

Although the first parts of the game are probably too easy, Squad Alpha offers an excellent gaming experience, overflowing with frantic shootouts, where even the smallest error can mean death.


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