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Spring Valley is a casual game where you’re the lucky heir to a family mansion in the countryside. It’s the first time after many years that you’re visiting, so, as might be expected, there is a bit of upkeep you’ll need to do in order to make your family home look its best. As usual in this genre, there are a bunch of new tools and items to unlock as you play to help you reach your goal.

A whole cast of characters awaits in Spring Valley, you’ll get to know each person one by one as you level up. In fact, this family of adventurers needs your help to make their ancestral home look perfect. Keep in mind, you’ll need to focus on fixing up the garden surrounding the house in order to cultivate all the basic materials you need to make repairs.

Controllers in Spring Valley are simple. Basically, all you have to do is tap on an item to make a bunch of choices pop up. The real trick is actually just making sure you don’t run out of energy as you play. More often than not, that’ll require you take a break in order to continue with each of the tasks ahead. In any case, you’re always going to be the one managing how the story unfolds as you make the most of the basic resources provided, and your energy level, in order to stay in the game successfully.

The game systems backing Spring Valley will already ring a bell to anyone who’s a fan of this genre. Meaning you get to focus on your strategic skills when it comes to cleverly managing the resources and tools available to bring this lackluster, old family mansion back to its glory days. Little by little, your home will begin to look better and better and soon enough its inhabitants will once again live in peace with nature just like the good old days.


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