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Spotify Lite is an alternative version of Spotify that takes up far less space, but provides all the same features while using as few of your resources as possible. All in all this colossally useful music streaming app takes up a mere 15MB on your phone in its ‘lite’ version. Meanwhile the full version of Spotify takes up a whopping 100MB of your memory.

This lightweight version of Spotify comes with a very similar interface to its original. Towards the bottom you’ll find there’s three tabs: Start, Search and Favorites. From your main screen you access the last songs and playlists that you were listening to before logging off. Based on those songs Spotify Lite comes up with a full list of suggested artists according to your taste. Searching for new songs is also simplified. You won’t find any other users on here, and in your favorites tab you’ll find songs you starred and your customized playlists on Spotify.

The idea behind Spotify Lite is to provide a somewhat streamlined, more limiting experience while still providing quality music streaming — either in random mode if you’re a regular user or playing any music you want if you’re a Premium subscriber. You can’t create new playlists from the ‘lite’ app, and you won’t be able to stream any of the radio stations on Spotify either.

Spotify Lite is a no-nonsense, compact version of the original app that does exactly what you’d expect Spotify to do, but without all the frills. Best of all is its tiny size and high capacity to budget your data usage. Another nice feature is that you can set up a monthly limit for the data Spotify Lite consumes from your data plan.


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