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Splitwise is an app to keep your pocket money in balance whenever you’re on a night out with your work buddies, flat mates, friends or partner. From its initial interface, you’ll notice that splitting the check among two or more people is now a very simple operation. In case you don’t want any money to exchange hands immediately, this app provides the option to quickly jot down whoever owes you some cash, or alternatively if you’re the one who needs to pay up.

Divided into three separate tabs for friends, groups and activities, this app’s interface is easy. From the friends tab, access your own personal list of friends as well as the amount of money they owe you or that you owe them. From the groups tab, you manage anything you’ve paid for communally.

Thanks to groups on Splitwise, eating out with friends and dividing up the check is easy. Now all your friends will know exactly how much they owe the group. You’ll also be able to see who paid for what, who owes you money and get an extra little reminder of who you need to pay.

Splitwise is a useful app to keep tabs on splitting up checks or bills among friends. With this app you’ll know for sure which friend you owe a cup of coffee to, and which friend owes you for lunch, etc.


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