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Spin of Fortune is an Android game that will immerse you in the fun gameplay from the well-known game show. Your goal is to touch the wheel to make it spin and reveal letters to solve the word hidden behind the panels.

In Spin of Fortune, you’ll find panels that contain words and phrases related to different topics. So if you have a relatively good level of cultural knowledge, you’ll have a leg up, for sure. To spin the wheel, you just have to touch it until the arrow falls on a prize. After that, you have to select the letter you think might make up part of the phrase. Once you complete this process, you’ll get the money added to your total depending on how many times your letter showed up on the panel.

Aside from revealing consonants, you can also buy vowels using the rewards you’ve earned. Another aspect to keep in mind is that your competitors will also select letters when its their turn and this will help you figure out the solution in many cases. When you think you have enough money in your total, you can tap the solve button to enter in the answer and collect your winnings.

Spin of Fortune lets you have a great time while you solve all the panels. Without a doubt, this is a great game that will remind you of the famous game show. Put your skills to the test as you solve all the word puzzles!

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