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Spartan Firefight for Android

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Spartan Firefight is a 2D shooting game where players control a soldier (with an aesthetic openly inspired by Halo soldiers) who must try and kill as many creatures as he finds along his way and obtain as many wins as he can in a limited amount of time.

The controls are really simple in Spartan Firefight. You can make your Spartan move around with the controller on the left of the screen, and on the right are the action buttons: jump, shoot, throw grenades and change weapons. With this in mind, you have to move around the area and kill as many enemies as you can. The more enemies you kill consecutively, the more points you get as you start to generate combos. You also have to be conscious of your ammo and go out in search of boxes of bullets around the area. The enemy waves are continuous, and they only stop when the time in the level runs out. You can die as many times as is necessary, and you will always respawn if you have time remaining. However, this will be reflected in the final battle count.

Spartan Firefight is an entertaining and epic game with fantastic pixel-art graphics that is perfect for Halo fans who are looking to have fun shooting aliens.


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