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Space Shooter is an adrenaline driven Shoot’Em Up that grabs the best part about the genre and combines it with a game that can offer you tons of hours of fun, although it’s not perfect.

The premise in Space Shooter is really simple: Your space piloting skills are the only thing standing between the Earth and a dangerous alien invasion, which you must stop only with the help of your loyal spaceship. Although the story in Space Shooter might sound like your typical one, it’ll be the only cliché about this game because the gameplay implements elements that you’ve practically never seen before in similar games.

The progression system in Space Shooter is based on systems that games like Best Fiends or Candy Crush use since after each level and depending on how well you’ve played, you’ll be rewarded with up to three stars. In this case, each star will have a specific objective that you have to complete if you want to get it and you can invest these stars to buy better ships or improve the one you already have.

There are times when a ton of enemies gather on the screen and the game can slow down, but besides that, this is a perfect game to keep you entertained for a while.



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