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Space Hunter is a shoot ’em up arcade game that’s similar to other titles like the classic Space Invaders, which takes the best of the genre and combines it into a fun and dynamic title.

The premise in Space Hunter is very simple: an extraterrestrial invasion is approaching Earth, and you, with your spaceship and firepower, have to take charge of stopping it. The gameplay is simple: the extraterrestrial invaders are situated at the top of the screen and arrange themselves in different attack shapes that you have to break open with a clean shot. Once you kill one group of invaders, you’ll get a special weapon that helps you take down more enemies in one swoop.

To move your spaceship you just have to tap the area of the screen to move it to. The ship will be shooting automatically at all times, meaning all you have to worry about is aiming at the aliens while dodging their gunfire and collecting boosts for your weapons.

The players have three lives in each level. Every time the aliens manage to get you, you lose a life and, as usual, once you run out you’re done.

Space Hunter is a fun and frenetic arcade game to have some fun with killing alien invaders.


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