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Space Decor is a highly addicting decoration game that will keep you hooked for hours as you give your own personal touch to the most spectacular islands. This fun combination of puzzles and decoration will surprise you with hundreds of levels made so you can enjoy a game full of details to choose between; solve and design in equal measure as you travel the seas.

The mechanics in Space Decor are very simple and work in the same way as similar games; to build, tear down or change elements of the architecture of the house or decoration, you will need coins that you earn by solving puzzles. In different levels you have to collect colored pieces, remove jelly and reach the objectives set for you in each stage.

Each time you achieve an objective in the mission, you will earn money that adds up in your personal wallet and this will help you to invest in decor in your houses. Thanks to this, you can tear down walls, clean up trash, paint walls, change the color of the walls, add furniture and, of course, make hundreds of other changes that will transform a house in ruins into a luxurious house full of beautiful details. If you like decoration games, Space Decor will keep you hooked for hours as you move around paradisiacal islands.

Enjoy Space Decor and experience an interesting story full of surprises that let your creative spirit loose on authentic mansions. Solves a whole host of puzzles and train your brain with these fun logic tests where each challenge is a different adventure. Decorate hundreds of incredible locations and create beautiful combinations inside spectacular spaces.


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