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Soccer Royale is a game that perfectly combines soccer and Clash Royale type games. But, instead of destroying three towers, you have to score goals; and instead of spreading out soldiers, you have to spread out soccer players.

The controls in Soccer Royale are very similar to the traditional bottle cap soccer. You can slide your finger across the screen to ‘slide’ your players and hit other rival players or the ball. The key is that you can use cards to turn your normal soccer players into really special ones.

Among those specials players you can pick with your cards you’ll find a striker that will help you move around the field smoothly, a much larger goalkeeper, a stronger defense, etc. You’ll also find curse cards that help you get the field all muddy or cheer your players on.

Soccer Royale is a very original and fun game that perfectly combines the most popular sport in the world with one of the most popular eSports in the world. The result is a really entertaining game that includes great visuals.


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