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Snow Drift is a 3D driving game that challenges you to get rid of the snow in each level using nothing but your vehicle. To do so, just skid non-stop. The more you skid, the better!

Controls in Snow Drift are very intuitive: tap on the sides of the screen to make your vehicle turn towards that direction. Keep in mind that your car will always move forward, so every time you turn it’ll start skidding. The more snow you can get rid of with one swift skid, the more money you’ll earn. You may even discover the hidden snowman and get you a bunch o gold (which you can use to buy new cars).

Snow Drift includes dozens upon dozens of different levels. Each level challenges you to clean three different and increasingly difficult settings. The first levels are barely a challenge because you won’t encounter many obstacles, but as you start advancing, you’ll face tracks that are filled with obstacles. Be warned, any tiny mistake can make your car break down.

Snow Drift is a simple, fun and straight forward driving game that includes pretty good visuals. At the beginning of the game, you’ll only have one vehicle available to you, but you can collect up to nine. The best part is that you can also upgrade each one.



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