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Sneak Out 3D is a casual game where you have to help a character to walk stealthily to escape from each level without being discovered. To do this, you will have to demonstrate a lot of skill when moving through all the nooks and crannies of these maze-like levels.

In Sneak Out 3D you encounter a series of enemies that will try to spot you in order to prevent you from reaching the exit door. This will require you to walk very carefully each time you pass by one of these red characters. If you are not careful, one of the enemies will trap you and prevent you from moving on to the next level.

The control system in Sneak Out 3D is very simple. Basically, you press and hold down to get your character to start walking through each level. You can also control your character by swiping the screen to guide your character’s path. The game’s main objective is to get to the exit door in order to escape as quickly as possible.

Throughout some of the levels in Sneak Out 3D you will also find hedges and other elements that will allow you to hide. This way you can avoid being seen when the enemies surround you and you have no way out.

Sneak Out 3D has intuitive controls and a mechanic that will keep you hooked as the levels go by. Reaching the exit door is no easy task and therefore you must demonstrate all your ability to walk stealthily without arousing supsicion.

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