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Description ! is an addictive game where you compete against many players at once. This time, you’re a hungry snake who wants to be the biggest in the room. To get bigger, you’ll need to think fast as you outwit other players from all around the world and show how far you can get.

Gameplay in ! is very simple. All you have to do is slide your finger across the screen, moving your snake wherever you want, and reacting in real time to eat smaller snakes while also avoiding bigger snakes. To start growing in the very beginning, though, you can eat the pumpkins you find scattered throughout the level. The more you eat, the bigger you’ll get.

But the biggest threats are the other snakes who want to eat you. To kill them, try to get them to run into your body. But it won’t be easy, because you’ll have to keep tons of other players and the game’s boundaries in mind, working them in your favor. Every time a snake dies, all the pumpkins it ate reappear, so you can get bigger if you get to them before the other players do.

On the top of the screen, you can see the ranking for all the snakes in the room, but you can only get to the top if you eat more than all the rest. Beat the high score by avoiding your enemies and challenge yourself in this fast-paced game.


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