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Description MLG Edition is a fun multiplayer game that borrows its gameplay from the popularized and adds to it with an outstanding number of memes, almost all of which come from clichés related to the Master League of Gaming.

In MLG Edition, you control a snake that, through eating Doritos and Mountain Dew, you must help become the biggest snake in the scene. What looks like a simple task will become a real challenge, thanks to the huge number of players that you must fight with for power.

The controls in MLG Edition are very simple: you can control your snake by using the joystick on the left of the screen. The button on the right of the screen will let you increase your speed by sacrificing a bit of your length.

Your ultimate goal is to be the longest living snake in the level. To do this, you have to avoid colliding with any player at all costs, as the slightest mistake will eliminate you from the game, and you will have to start from zero.

It’s true that this genre is pretty overexplored, but MLG Edition manages to beat the competition, thanks to its striking graphics and excellent use of memes. What’s more, the inclusion of achievements and unlockable skins increases the replayability of this fun game itself.

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