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SMS From Android 4.4 is an interesting app that lets you manage all the SMS messages you send and receive on your Android device. Best of all, it’s a super easy-to-use app with tons of great features.

By default, you probably already have an app installed on your device to handle all the text messages you send and receive. However, that’s probably all it does. That’s exactly why you need SMS From Android 4.4 to take you one step further. With this app, you’ll be able to program your messages to be sent automatically whenever you want.

You can forget about trying to send important messages when you’re busy doing other things. With SMS From Android 4.4 you can be sure that your messages get delivered to whoever you want at the exact day and time that you schedule them to be sent. This app will take care of everything. And what makes it even more practical is the possibility of reviewing the list of received, sent and programmed SMS messages as many times as you need .

SMS From Android 4.4 is an incredibly useful app for anyone who makes frequent use of classic SMS messages.


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