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Sleep Sounds is an interesting tool that provides its users with an extensive collection of all kinds of ambient sounds that are perfect for relaxing, meditating or falling asleep, among many other things.

The intelligent and minimalistic interface design means that practically any user can use its features from the start without needing any previous experience with similar apps. Once you open the app, you will see a series of predesigned atmospheres that you can enjoy just by tapping on them. All of these atmospheres are made up of different sound samples that you can edit however you like, by adjusting the volume or deleting them if you don’t like them.

Sleep Sounds also lets you create your own compositions from scratch by combining the sound samples you like the most. You can create atmospheres where you can experience the sound of rain on a river, a silent meadow, wind on a mountaintop … Your imagination is the limit.

One of the most interesting features of Sleep Sounds is that it comes with a timer that will automatically turn off the sound at a set time. This function is perfect for those who use the app to sleep or to set meditation times.


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