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Slash & Girl – Joker World is an action-packed endless runner where you play as Doris, a girl whose only objective is to kill all the clowns she sees. Luckily, she has an impressive arsenal at her disposal.

Gameplay in Slash & Girl – Joker World is very similar to gameplay in the excellent Blades of Brim (another endless runner with tons of action). By sliding your finger across the screen, you can move your heroine in that direction, although you’ll run into enemies if they’re in the way. By sliding your finger upwards, you can jump or hit an enemy just in front of you.

When you start playing, you only have a few weapons and other accessories for Doris, your heroine. As you play, however, you can earn coins and use them to unlock more than 50 different weapons, including traffic signs, light sabers, chainsaws, and much more. You can also unlock all kinds of pants, caps, hats, shirts, boots, and gloves.

Slash & Girl – Joker World is a super fun endless runner with precise gameplay and outstanding graphics. You can also compete against other players on the online leaderboards.


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